Why cats spend so much time licking its fur?Interesting facts about cats

Interesting facts about cats




PUBLISHED by catsmob.com

PUBLISHED by catsmob.com


For cats licking but hygiene is a way to maintain mental balance. Grooming calms, it neutralizes the nascent aggressiveness. Licking cat licking a wool a certain amount of substance containing vitamin B, which is necessary for the regulation of mental balance. If you deprive a cat of this opportunity, it will become nervous and may even die.

Cats lick themselves to stop to smell the man.
One legend says that the cats were created when the lion sneezed on Noah’s ark, and sneeze came from two kittens.
In ancient Egypt, when the house cat died, the family shaved their eyebrows and mourned her.
Cats use their whiskers to determine if they can squeeze through or not.
Cats sweat only through their paw pads.

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