Сute cats. Why do cats bring you a dead mouse?

Why do cats bring you a dead mouse?

Interesting facts about cats

There are at least four theories:
1.Cat gives you a gift, as a token of their friendship or what you feed him.
2.Cat thinks you’re incompetent hunter, and is trying to teach you. read below…





3.Cat carries the victim to a safe warm place, where it can then eat it.
4.The cat in its own way is trying to save you from starvation.

A cat kills a moving prey, but not necessarily for the food. Understanding that the hunt — a production of food is an acquired skil

* The first cat show was held in 1895 at Madison Square Garden in New York.
* «Sociable» cats follow you from room to room to monitor your activities.

* What «mood» — have a kitten? You can find it in his eyes and ears. Learn to read, cat behavior.

* If the cat tears up furniture, give this place a try lemon or orange flavor. Cats hate these smells.

* Drizzle with orange or lemon air freshener Christmas tree, if your cat is interested in «backpacking».

* Cats understand the tone of voice. When talking with cats, remember the tone of voice. Cats know when you are angry at them (although they may not show the type).

* The more you talk to cats, the more they talk to you.

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