Wooden Wall Designs: 30 Striking Bedrooms That Use The Wood Finish Artfully

Modern materials mean new homes are not always made from wood. More expensive and fire-friendly than their brick or plaster rivals, wooden walls are a desirable, but not always economical, option. Keep the warmth and glow of wood inside your home, with these thirty wooden wall bedroom designs. A full-scale alternative to wooden wall décor pieces, these LED, lamp or naturally-lit wooden walls add ambience to your sleeping space. Create curves and overlapping panels in light Scandinavian wood. Make a jungle scene with rough-shod or distressed wood alternatives. Take tips on how to do a wooden bedroom wall or partition right, with our thirty examples of rustic-look bedrooms.

Visualizer: Wladimir Sapyan  

The earth was one Gondwanaland, before tectonic plates shifted its surface. This wooden-panelled design shows the earth before continents and countries, with LED-lit splits upon a warm wooden floor.

Visualizer: Roman Movliaiko  

Light and bright is the theme of this wooden-panelled bedroom. Forming curved waves upon plywood, it creates an interesting interplay with a planet-like light.

Visualizer: Pavel Alekseev  

Wooden walls provide the perfect canvas for couples. Accompanied by grey, white and a large square window, panelled shafts add a contemporary feel to an otherwise basic bedroom.

Source: Kovr  

Wondering where the light is coming from? True to his trademark style, Kovr combines a wooden wall with smartphone-controlled LED lighting, making a striking design feature rise out of thin air.

Visualizer: Elena Zhulikova  

The urban loft would excel with this natural-looking wooden wall. Planted beside a living wall, its thin wooden panels match dangling oblong lights and fuschias. See more of this scintillating design here.

Visualizer: Olga Kondratiuk  

Prefer your panelling in the other direction? This horizontal wooden wall juxtaposes two fantail lights and hanging plants, providing a rustic beauty with two bedroom ledges.

Visualizer: Ruslan Sultanov  

Miss your childhood treehouse? This wooden bedroom provides the next best thing, with a hanging hammock bed and spray-can artwork. Two tones of a wooden wall and ceiling provide simple and warm contrasts.

Visualizer: N-Gon Archviz  

Complement your wooden furniture with a feature wall of nooks and crannies. This LED-lit wall combines dark and light wood in one focal artpiece.

Visualizer: Sequoia Cgi  

A minimalist look works well with this chequered wall. Outlined and lit up by LEDs, its texture works with, not against, the room’s block elements.

Visualizer: Houzaifa Al Jandali  

Stuck for a solution for low height bedrooms? This attic-style abode makes the most of space, with a diagonal wooden wall and matching wooden platform. Hang your trinkets, pot plants and a few shelves below its circular lights for a bedroom feature.

Visualizer: Lyubimova Kate  

This bedroom is as rustic as a wood cabin and as light as a feather. Pair rough-shod panelling in the shape of trees with contemporary elements, for a chic bedroom with a difference.

Visualizer: Vlad Kislenko  

Wooden slats are both functional and aesthetic. This find acts as both room partition and a light-infused example of wooden slats wall décor.

Visualizer: Nevi Studio  

There’s no need to keep your wood in one colour. This alternating headboard turns wood dark and turquoise, as monochrome elements drop below and beside.

Visualizer: Lucas Studio  

Bring the outdoors indoor, with a block-panelled wall backgrounding a tree. This bedroom, complete with an inside wooden deck, creates a wooden aura of mystery and light.

Visualizer: Alexey Gulesha  

Looking for something more conventional? This low-lying bed blends perfectly with a smooth wooden wall surface.

Visualizer: Julia Lyublyanova  

A wooden wall can be a great backing for art. These three forest scenes are offered warmth and simplicity by three-mid wooden panels.

Visualizer: Stanislav Kaminskyi  

Find balance between the rough and the crafted, with a wooden wall with natural lines. Its warmer hues invite in light against a dull wooden floor.

Visualizer: Penint Studio  

Go grey in a feature wall fit for a hipster’s bedroom. Holding a bicycle, canvas, drop lights and an easel, this colour is easy to adapt to many accessories.

Visualizer: Kateryna Senko  

The lightest of minimalist bedrooms find a challenge in this wooden-walled find. Bathed in white with dashes of black and green, a whale triptych on wood draws in warmth-seeking guests.

Visualizer: Nika Vorotyntseva  

Dashes of colour frame this array of wooden panels. Acting as a partition with a bed cosied in, it signposts a spot for a sleepy night in.

Visualizer: Hạnh Lê  

Have a one-room space you’d like to separate? This framed wooden headboard uses black to mark a stylish space for sleeping.

Visualizer: Stanislav Kaminskyi  

Want to use wood in an understated way? This full wooden wall adds warmth to grey, while housing a black glass door and industrial white light.

Visualizer: Dmitriy Kurilov  

Diamond patterns cover this feature wall, a focal point in a room full of wood. A lamp to the side illuminates its finer detail, as an old English ceiling sets the scene.

Visualizer: Igor Grigoriev  

Turn your wall geometric with a coloured design in wood. Centred on an LED-lit square, this low grey bed is spoilt for choice.

Visualizer: UB Design  

Japan is evoked by this dark wooden strip beside black and white partitions. Striking monochromes stand out against its roasted coffee-hued, luxurious-looking form.

Visualizer: Kateryna Panasik  

Three plywood panels make this light bedroom different. Each showcasing a definitive bedroom area, the left panel holds the TV, the right the bed, and the centre a working desk.

Visualizer: Anastasia Ugleva  

Create a wooden panel that is more than just a headboard. This lightly-patterned design holds everyday necessities within an LED-lit, easy-to-reach inlet.

Visualizer: Hamoud Kabbani  

Looking to work wood into an art deco bedroom? This feature wall surprises with triangular panels popping out in mustard.

Visualizer: Katie Domracheva  

Exude a 70’s vibe with a painted wooden wall. This diamond-patterned piece curves up to a ceiling runway and spider chandelier.

Visualizer: Ekaterina Toropova  

Make your wooden headboard look like leather. This engraved design reaches up to the ceiling beside two aquamarine dangling lights.

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A Perfect Day in Frankfurt am Main

The old imperial city of Frankfurt am Maim is the financial center of Germany and it is also a place where you can spend your weekend perfectly. Because of the high buildings and skyscrapers, this city is also called “Chicago am Maim”, but when you get to the center, there will be waiting many old buildings, traditional houses, interesting museum and wonderful parks. If you decide to visit Frankfurt there here is a good way how to spend it.

Main Tower | Frankfurt am Main, Germany

10:00 – Römerberg

Römerberg is the public space in Frankfurt. It is located in front of the Römer building complex and this square is the heart of the medieval Altstadt, the old town of Frankfurt. This place is the seat of the Frankfurt city administration since 15th century. There are many cafes, souvenir shops and old buildings that dates back from the 15th to the 18th century.

Romerberg Platz 2_Frankfurt

11:00 – Goethe

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Germany’s most famous writer, was born in Frankfurt and the house that he lived until 1765 can be still visited. The interior of the house is well preserved, as well as the furniture and the dolls that Goethe performed shows for his parents when he was small. There is also a gallery dedicated to this famous writer and there is also the Goethe Tower which is a 43-meter high tower build out of wood from which the entire city can be seen.

Day 01 - 004 - Frankfurt - Goethe's Apartment

12:00 – Eschenheimer Turm

Eschenheimer Turm (Eschenheim Tower) was the city gate and is a part of the late-medieval fortifications of this city. It is the oldest and most unaltered building in Frankfurt.

Frankfurt, Eschenheimer Torturm-1

14:00 – Senckenberg Botanical Garden

Senckenberg botanical garden is a place can be found a very interesting natural science museum which is one of the biggest in the world. The Naturmuseum Senckenberg in Frankfurt Am Main is the second largest museum of natural history in Germany. It is a perfect place for a family and children because it holds the biggest collection of dinosaur fossils.

Mathe-Olympiade 2012

16:00 – Frankfurt Zoological Garden

The Frankfurt Zoological Garden is the zoo of Frankfurt and it is a home to over 4500 animals and more than 510 species on area of more than 11 hectares. The zoo was founded in 1858 and it is the 2nd biggest zoo in Germany after the Berlin Zoological Garden.


18:00 – Palmengarten

Palmengarten is one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in Germany. The best way to visit is from spring to autumn. In this botanical garden performed many world famous performers, ranging from William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” Cody, who performed the show “Wild West” in 1890. Here, beside the exotic herbs you can see, you can also rent a boat or go on a picnic and enjoy the silence.

Frankfurt Palmengarten 001

19:00 – Alte Oper

At the heart of Frankfurt there is the Alte Oper (Old Opera), which is the original opera house. It was inaugurated in 1880 but destroyed by bombs in 1944. After the war it was rebuilt slowly, in the 1970s, and opened again in 1981. Now it is marked as one of the most beautiful buildings in Frankfurt.

Alte Oper, Frankfurt

20:00 – Hauptwache

The Hauptwache (English: Main Guard) is the busiest pedestrian zone in Frankfurt settled between historical buildings and restaurants and cafes. The baroque building which gave the square its name was built in 1730 and it was the headquarters of the city’s Stadtwehr militia when Frankfurt was an independent city state and after that it was used as prison also. Today you can sit here and enjoy your time with your friends at this cafe. Here you can find an underground mall and there are many places where you can buy a delicious sausages with cabbage.


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