3 of the best Greek islands for a peek into the past

The Greek Islands have something for everyone. It’s hard not to fall in love with the views, the food, the beaches, the quaint fishing villages, the people. For culture vultures though, the islands are also steeped in history. The endless monuments and ruins hold the key to a rich, interesting past and beyond the spectacular […]

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More Evidence Emerges: Next BMW M5 Will Have All-Wheel Drive

2013 BMW M5

The next-generation BMW M5 is adding all-wheel drive. At least that’s what an Australian automotive media site, GoAutowas told by a BMW representative at the Melbourne premiere of the new 2017 BMW 5-series.

While a spokesperson from BMW of North America was unable to comment on the next-generation M5, spy photos we published in 2015—including shots of front half-shafts—show the company has been actively testing at least one all-wheel-drive M5. The first inklings of this change, however, came as far back as 2013, when the head of BMW’s M division at the time, Friedrich Nitschke, acknowledged that such a drivetrain was under consideration.

Adding even more fuel to the fire is BMW M division CEO Frank van Meel’s recent admission to Autocar that an available all-wheel-drive system on the M5 is all but inevitable. He gave the impression that such a system would be an optional extra on the fast four-door. Whether or not this is the case when the car is unveiled remains to be seen. Regardless, expect a heavy rear bias from the M5 should it adopt all-wheel drive; GoAuto reported, citing the BMW representative, that 80 percent of the engine’s power will be routed to the rear wheels.

With competitors from Audi and Mercedes-AMG employing all-wheel drive in their supersedans, we can’t say we’re surprised the same technology is likely to come to the new M5. Still, we hope that BMW’s M division doesn’t abandon rear-wheel drive entirely. After all, an M2 with all-wheel drive just wouldn’t be the same.

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V-Shaped Residence in Coastal Québec

architecture modern residence
This house, whose name refers to the brightest star in the Aquila constellation, is located in Cap-à-l’Aigle, in the region of Charlevoix, QC, Canada. Altaïr means “The Flying Eagle.” What makes the house stand out is its “V” shape and long facades that are suspended over nature. While discrete from the street and closed to the north, it unfolds toward the river, as though to take flight.

Two longitudinal prisms are laid up one on top of the other, which leads to the building’s interesting shape. A voluntary misalignment allows contemplation of the scenery. The long glass facades provide different perspectives and framings of the river, the forest, and the city of Malbaie below.
modern residence (1)
Bourgeois / Lechasseur architects opted for an open-plan layout, well connected to the outdoors. The second floor is cantilevered and protrudes toward the river. The living areas succeed one another, and the completely open space provides a breathtaking view of the horizon. A vast terrace was built on the roof of the lower floor. The master suite is also located on this floor, slightly set back in the woods.

The facades that are hidden or protected by the roof overhangs are covered with Western cedar. This warm wood extends indoors to the ceiling, emphasizing the continuation effect from the inside out. [Information provided by Bourgeois / Lechasseur architects; photography: Adrien Williams]
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